Fortaleza Blanco


Guillermo Sauza’s family have a rich tequila-making history, with Don Cenobio a key figure in establishing tequila as we understand it today. When Guillermo was little, his grandfather sold the company, however, dashing his chances of growing up to become a jet-setting mariachi band brand ambassador for the family’s spirits (this is all true by the way). They held on to the distillery and land though, and Guillermo was able to get the traditional distillery (deemed too “inefficient” and old fashioned in the 1960s) back up and running, launching Fortaleza in 2005.

Tasting notes-Everything a good tequila should be with herbaceous, vegetal agave, citrus, green olives and brine as well as a creaminess that carries into rich buttery character.

Suggested serve- Neat over ice

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